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The Edgy Veg adopted 2 dogs!!!! Here are ten great reasons why you should adopt rescue dogs instead of getting your furry friend from the pet store.

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About two years ago Candice and James decided they were going to get a pet. Like many couples however they couldn’t agree on a breed, a method to go about getting the animal, the size of the animal, or several other factors. Candice was rather vocal about not wanting to buy a dog from a breeder or a pet store. Her main reasoning behind the decision was that she didn’t want to support puppy mills, and also didn’t want to get a brand new dog when there could be one out there that was going to be put down if someone didn’t adopt it.

They ended up using a well-known site called Petfinder to track down Winston, their small white dog. Upon finding Winston they went to where he was actually located which turned out to be Pets Alive in Niagara and had a meet and greet. It was around this same time that they discovered Winston had bonded with another dog by the name of Harley Quinn and it would not be good for the two animals to be separated. The adoption agency asked them if they would be interested in taking on both animals. James was hesitant at first but after spending a little time with both animals he quickly fell in love. Needless to say they wasted no time taking the two tiny wonders home with them.

In this video Candice and James list ten solid reasons to consider adopting a rescue pet over buying an animal from the pet store. They chose to get a pair of adorable dogs, but cats, as well as many other animals need rescuing as well. Their first reason, and possibly the strongest argument against buying from a pet store is that doing so inadvertently supports puppy mills. Pet stores aren’t especially picky about who they buy their animals from as long as the price is right. By purchasing an animal from them you are simply putting money into an industry that is more interested in profiting from the sale of an animal than taking an interest in its actual well-being.

Another solid reason on the list to adopt a rescue animal is that shelters are extremely overcrowded and sadly many animals will get put down after just 48 hours if no one adopts or claims them. Six to eight million dogs a year in fact are in shelters. If that number doesn’t grab you then the next one definitely should. In the United States alone an average of 1.5 million pets per year are put down. The place that Candice and James got their two dogs from gets notified anytime an animal in their area is put on termination list and goes and gets the animal, putting it up for adoption at their location. Adopting a rescue animal is literally saving a life.

In addition to saving the life of an innocent animal it is actually quite a bit less expensive to adopt a rescue animal and many of them are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and even housebroken. Also, by adopting an animal you make room for another animal to take its place and that could ultimately save the life of yet another pet. Another silver lining to this cloud is that adoption agencies like the one Candice and James went to give you a chance to spend some time with your potential pet and make sure you two are truly meant to be together.

There are many reasons to choose adoption over a purchase from the pet store but possibly the best one of all is that you get a new best friend. Before you decide to make that trip to the pet store to pick up your next pet do yourself, and the millions of animal in shelters, a big favor and check out one of your local pet adoption agencies. You might just be surprised at what you find there.

Here’s a little more about Candice in case you feel like reading up:

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7 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet | Meet our dogs! | Our Adoption Story | Rescue Dogs | The Edgy Veg

  1. Thanks for supporting animal rescues!! No one should buy a dog because of the puppy mills. You both rock!!

  2. Love this video and your new family members are so cute😆. My husband and I adopted are cat Kinks (he has a kink in his tail)2 years ago now from a shelter. He came from a abusive home. Kinks kind of saved us, especially my husband. Our nephew, his mom and his grandmother passed away all within a 6 month period. We were so grief stricken and having Kinks helped to take away some of that pain. He is so affectionate and sweet. Thank you for supporting adoption and making this video. I hope that those who watch it will be moved to adopt too.

  3. Congrats on the pups! They seem to be really sweet… I actually though you had adopted a human small thang, that’s what I did.He was only 4 hours old and now he’s sixteen, hates vegan food (actually loves eating it but is against it “ethically”???????)a.k.a. I’m against whatever my parents think is fair and good Uughh .I had to go through the exact opposite struggle around this age! We love him to death and he ain’t getting his bloody fix in this household. He loves dogs, though ,and is always showing me rescues from around the country. Maybe soon we’ll be able to afford to do the right thing and bring another source of joy into
    our household. It’s only a money problem, really, I need to know I can afford whatever it takes to save a life.

  4. OMG! I just adopted a little guy that looks just like Sir Winston Churchill!!! Yay for adoption! Good luck and so happy for your new family!

  5. This is so sweet! Such amazing people 🙂 I make it a point to feed or at least give a generous petting to every stray dog I find. I usually try to get it on video, maybe it’ll help spreading some love!
    I have a couple of videos on YouTube, so if anyone wanna show some support thanks a lot! keep smiling! 🙂

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